Aquarium Service Plans & Pricing

Aquarium care, personalized for you and your tank

1. Choose Your Package*


– $49.99

For Cichlid, Goldfish, and aggressive type systems. Ranging from 1 – 55 gallons.

  • 10% water change per visit, customer provides water source
  • Clean glass inside and out
  • Change filter (filter replacement additional charge)
  • Parameter check of Ph, Ni, Temp, Phos
  • Annual assessment of tank with recommendations


– $59.99

For FOWLR tanks, systems with HOB, or canister filter only. Average of $1 per gallon tank capacity for systems with 15 – 125 gallons. Over 125 gallons billed at Advanced rate.

  • 10 – 15% water change per visit
  • Clean glass inside and out, as well as wipe down stand
  • Siphon gravel with water changes
  • Visual equipment inspection of system monthly with recommendations of safety upgrades
  • Parameter check of Alk, Ni, Phose, Salinity, and Temp
  • Rinse filtration (for HOB/canister replacement not included)
  • Annual assessment and review of equipment with replacement options


– $69.99

For planted tanks, systems with CO2 or sump, and certain species of livestock (ask for details) ranging from 20 – 220 gallons.

  • 10 – 15% water change per visit with RO water
  • Clean glass inside and out, scrub rocks when needed
  • Change filter, service canister or sump with replacement of sock or filter
  • Included needed use of carbon, GFO, and zeolite
  • Parameter check of Ph, Ni, Alk, Temp, Ammonia, and Phos
  • Siphon substrate and clean scrub rock or powerhead
  • Annual assessment of tank with equipment upgrade and maintenance


– $79.99

For reef tanks, systems with sumps / skimmer / filter socks. Average of $1.25 per gallon tank capacity after 220 gallons. 5 – 220 gallons.

  • 10 – 20% water change per visit based on frequency and parameters
  • Per visit check Ph, Alk, Ni, Phos, Salinity, Temp, and Ammonia, and document (may be done off-site)
  • Siphon gravel, scrub rocks when needed, clean powerheads, overflow, and return equipment. Includes general cleaning of sump / canister
  • Clean glass inside and out, wipe down lighting and lids each visit
  • Replace filter socks each visit, remove algae from scrubber and empty skimmer
  • Annual written assessment and review of all equipment with replacement recommendation. Monthly visual assessment with recommendation
  • RO top-off brought as needed for ATO at no additional charge

2. Select Additional Services

1. Calcium & Alkalinity Refill

For AUTO DOSING: $15 per Refill of both

2. Manual Dosing of Calcium and Alkalinity and trace Elements (Must be on service plan minimum every 2 weeks)

Required for all tanks with coral and NO DOSER. Requires additional testing, $39 monthly * We use All For Reef

3. Equipment Deep Clean

Bucket soak with citric acid and various methods of deep cleaning for all of your equipment. Scheduled as a Separate 1-2 hour visit $49-$95 depending on number of pieces and time

4. In Person Visit

We offer a few options for in person services

  • First Time consultation: $29 includes assessment and basic parameter check with detailed recommendations
  • Return Visit( not under contract): Billed at $55/hr per visit for 1 person, $75/hr for 2 employees. Billed from travel time from Store (Endicott) to location ( no charge for return time) which includes delivery of livestock when possible, Parameter Check, Tank Visual Assessment, Equipment delivery/ installation/ upgrade or replacement ( this visit must be scheduled with no less than 3 days notice for scheduling) and between the hours of 9:30 am and 12:30 pm M/Tu/Th
  • Emergency Call: Billed at $75/hr if less than 3 days notice given, if during normal service hours (9:30-12:30) and $95/hr if outside of normal service hours(during store hours) and $125/hr if service between 8 pm and 9 am/services needed at time of call ( Tank Crash/Leak/Severe Tank Trauma) Please do not hesitate to call for fear of cost, we work with you on a case by case basis.
  • Phone consultation: We are happy to answer your questions over the phone, for calls that will be over 5 minutes we ask that we have the opportunity to call you back at a time that works for both parties. The Return call will be free for the first 15 minutes, billed at $15/hr ( if we need more than an hour, we recommend an in home visit
  • Vacation services: Billed on a case by case basis, starting at $25 per visit rate with option TBD upon consultation. VACATION SERVICES must be arranged at least 2 weeks in advance from the first date of service or will be billed as a Return Visit/Emergency Service.
  • Consultation: We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive, In-Home consultation services designed to fit your time. We will take all needed measurements, make recommendations and work with your preferred brand and offer our exclusive options by GlassCages™. Billed at $39/hr billed on the quarter hour, first 15 minutes no charge.

5. Livestock Home Delivery

  • $29 per visit plus cost of livestock and mileage. You may choose livestock individually for us to deliver from our store. We also provide a monthly livestock subscription available to contracted service account holders only after the first paid billing cycle.
  • Livestock Subscription: $49 a month. You can receive upgraded CORAL/ INVERTS and FISH that WE choose/recommend and get your prior approval for at are tail value of $59-$149. The stock we offer on this does not include all store stock. You may request, we offer no guarantee on availability. You can stack up to 2months in a row for a larger value item we recommend/offer, up to 3 times per annual billing cycle.

3. Provide Additional Info*

Tank Size: (gallons)*

Filter Type:*

Testing Needs:*





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